Sun Safety

As we are a Cancer Council sun safe centre, children and staff must wear hats outside throughout the year. Hats are to be bought to the centre each day. Sunscreen is provided which parents are asked to apply to their child in the morning, and staff will reapply in the afternoon 20 minutes before going outside.

To ensure children are getting some vitamin D we use a sun safe application and check the UV each day. During the times that the children and educators need to protect themselves we apply hats and sunscreen. Having a balance of both protection and some exposure to the sun gives children the a chance to absorb the vitamin D that their growing body needs while still being ‘sun safe’.


Our CuRricuLum

There are many different styles and philosophies about teaching and the way children learn in their early years. We believe that the curriculum used in a centre should reflect their philosophy and be appropriate to the specific setting of the service. Kid’N Around Early Education Centre does not use anyone particular style, approach, or type of curriculum, but implements a balanced program that draws on a range of approaches adapted to suit our service.

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