Kid’N Around EEC believes that high quality services are provided by high quality educators. It is for this reason that there is a strong focus on the professional development of the educators at the centre. All educators are qualified and are continually encouraged to extend their knowledge and experiences in all areas of early childhood education.

We have a short list of wonderful casual educators who we draw upon on a regular basis when our full-time educators are on leave. Our children are familiar with all of our casual educators so it isn’t a burden on them to have our educators away.

At Kid’N Around EEC we believe that all children in our care must be provided with an inviting, caring, safe, happy and supportive environment. All our educators at Kid’N Around EEC are trained in First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis through accredited courses and have passed the “working with children check” that is required under the child protection legislation.

CLEANING – One thing you will notice about our centre is that it always looks and smells clean. We engage a cleaner on a daily basis who does a fantastic job. It is important that the centre is cleaned daily so as to eliminate germs, so your children remain healthy and so that we can do our part in preventing communicable diseases from spreading through the centre or onto your families.


Our CuRricuLum

There are many different styles and philosophies about teaching and the way children learn in their early years. We believe that the curriculum used in a centre should reflect their philosophy and be appropriate to the specific setting of the service. Kid’N Around Early Education Centre does not use anyone particular style, approach, or type of curriculum, but implements a balanced program that draws on a range of approaches adapted to suit our service.

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