Kid’N Around provides morning and afternoon tea daily and the children bring a packed lunch from home. The morning and afternoon tea is rotated on a five week cycle and educators will encourage good nutrition and nutritional habits and use meal times to engage in rich conversation.

We encourage children to follow the NSW Government Munch n Move program. The program recognises that good nutritional habits develop in early education. Children’s food choices impact on their energy levels and overall health, well being and development. We ask families to pack lunches that contain wholemeal sandwiches, cheese, fruit and vegetables and wholegrain crackers.

The centre also encourages nude food to help create more awareness about healthy foods and healthy lifestyle choices while also drawing greater attention to the amount of land fill that is generated from food packaging. Children have access to water throughout the day and are able to drink whenever they are thirsty. Drink bottles are kept at the centre and washed daily then refilled for your child’s next day.


Our CuRricuLum

There are many different styles and philosophies about teaching and the way children learn in their early years. We believe that the curriculum used in a centre should reflect their philosophy and be appropriate to the specific setting of the service. Kid’N Around Early Education Centre does not use anyone particular style, approach, or type of curriculum, but implements a balanced program that draws on a range of approaches adapted to suit our service.

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