Child Care fee assistance

The Australian Government provides families with two types of financial assistance to help cover the costs of approved child care – the Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate. It is important to remember that while Child Care Benefit is based on family income, the Child Care Rebate is not income tested.

The rebate can be paid into your bank account, or directly to us which will reduce your fortnightly fees, whichever you choose.

How to claim the Child Care Rebate?

  • You will need to apply for the Child Care Benefit first. There is no separate claim form for the Child Care Rebate. You can apply for the Child Care Benefit in person or online. For online applications visit the Department of Human Services
  • You will automatically be assessed and paid if you are eligible when you apply for the Child Care Benefit (even if you are assessed at a zero rate for the Child Care Benefit due to your family’s income)
  • If you are eligible to receive the Rebate, it will be paid once the Department of Social Services has received child care attendance details from Kid’n Around Early Education Centre.

Our CuRricuLum

There are many different styles and philosophies about teaching and the way children learn in their early years. We believe that the curriculum used in a centre should reflect their philosophy and be appropriate to the specific setting of the service. Kid’N Around Early Education Centre does not use anyone particular style, approach, or type of curriculum, but implements a balanced program that draws on a range of approaches adapted to suit our service.

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